Tour des Fjords Experience is a new 3-day stage race for amateur riders of all levels.
The race will take place 19 - 21st. of August 2022.

August 2022

Your best experience on a bike

Tour des Fjords Experience, is a exciting stage race over 3 days, with 3 different stages. You will get a taste of everything cycling has to offer with a time trial on the first day, an epic mountain stage in the fjords the second day and finally a tactical race on a well designed route the last day.

If you want to ride only a single day you can read more under practical information.

Incredible routes

The race starts with a time trial on the first day, a mountain stage starting with the epic Lysebotn climb (9km at 10%) on the second day and a lap race on the last day. The most incredible cycling race of the year is within reach!

Easy logistics

Stavanger has excellent air, sea, road and rail connections. If you come from far you can take the plane and land at Sola airport, take the ferry from Denmark, take the train from almost anywhere in the country directly to the city center or take the car and arrive via the highway (E39).

During the event, various options will be available to go from Stavanger to the start line and back at the end of the day.


Sola airport is located only 13km away from Stavanger city center.


It is possible to book transport by ferry to the start of the 2nd stage. The ferry will leave from Stavanger and pass by Lauvik.


There will be parking options for each stage, except at the bottom of Lysebotn for logistics reasons.

Contact us

If you have any question you can check our «practical info» page.

If you do not find what you are looking for, fill in the form or send us an email at experience@tourdesfjords.no.