Practical info


You can sign up using this link. The last day to register for Tour des Fjords Experience 2020, Lysebotn-Bryne 2020 and Sirdal-Bryne 2020 will be Wednesday 12/08 at 11:59pm.

You can sign up from the year you turn 17 years old. There is no upper limit.

It depends on the event you choose to participate in, Tour des Fjords Experience, Lysebotn-Bryne or Sirdal-Bryne. More information can be found on the race pages.

  • Visa or Mastercard
  • Turritt ID (optional)

All registrations are final. Moreover, it will not be possible to change the name of a registration.

When you register you have to accept some terms. The terms can be found at the registration page.

Your bib number can be picked up the Thursday before the race (at Spinn Sandnes from 4pm to 7pm) or at start. We recommend that you pick it up the day before to avoid a potential queue.

To be able to participate in sportives and races in Norway, you will need a license. This can be an all-year license or a one-day license. If you are participating in several sportives during the season, we recommend you buy an all-year license. This way, you will also be insured when training. It is required that you are member of a cycling club if you wish to have the all-year license, hence the club is responsible of registering your license. If you’re not a member of a cycling club, you have to buy a one-day license for each sportive you which to participate in. Please bring your all-year license to the race office, when collecting your start number. You are required to bring a valid license to the race office, in order for you to being able to participate in the race/sportive. If not, you will have to buy a one-day license.


A standard road bike is to be used. For the time trial, the use of a time trial bike is allowed.

A helmet is always to be worn on the bike, fastened securely.

It’s expected that you have the equipment and knowledge to fixe punctures on your own.


No, traffic may occur. There will be marshals on foot and on motorbikes to help with your safety. The traffic rules will still apply and are to be followed.

Please stop in a safe place if you see someone else in trouble along the route. It is better to stop and help, than continue without helping. Please call the emergency number 113 if an accident occurs. You will find all important contact numbers on your start number. You can also give notice to one of the guards along the route.

There will be an ambulance following the race.

2nd stage and Lysebotn-Bryne: From the highest point on the route (15.7km) to a little before Fidjeland (36km) there will be a non-timed zone. This is to ensure the safety of all participants in the narrow downhill and on the roadwork section before Fidjeland. Timing will restart automatically when passing the restart point.


Food and drink will be available along the route on Saturday. On Friday and Sunday there will be some food and drinks at the start/finish area.

Garbage and waste are to be disposed in the trash. Throwing thrash in the nature may lead to your disqualification.


Participants are free to choose their means of transportation. Below you can see our recommendations.

If you wish to cycle, here is the route from Stavanger to the start which is located 9km away from the city center. Parking for cars will be available.

  • There will be a ferry going from Stavanger (Fiskepiren) to the start in Lysebotn. We recommend all the participants who will ride Lysebotn-Bryne as the 2nd stage to choose this option. The ferry ride through Lysefjord is an unforgettable experience in itself. Departure from Stavanger at 7:30am. Please arrive in advance (the boat will leave at 7:30 sharp). Departure from Lauvvik at 7:50am. Arrival in Lysebotn at approx. 9:15am.
  • If you are riding from Sirdal there will be bus options from Stavanger and Sandnes. Pickup from Ålgård is possible. Here is the schedule: Stavanger Rutebilstasjon: 7:45am / Sandnes Rutebilstasjon: 8:05am / Ålgård first bus stop after the last roundabout: 8:25am
  • It is mandatory to do your booking when registrering.

If you wish to cycle, here is the route from Stavanger to the start which is located 20km away from the city center. Parking for cars will be available.