Tour des Fjords Experience 19th – 21st August 2022



Tour des Fjords Experience is a multi-day cyclosportive, which will take place from 19th to 21st of August 2020. The event will take place in 3 timed and ranked stages over 3 consecutive days.


Tour des Fjords Experience is organized by Tour des Fjords AS.


The Rules and Regulations, which follow, shall govern the entire event and are in place to assure a safe and fair environment for all participants. It is participants’ responsibility to be familiar with them and to ensure compliance.




Each participant recognizes that participating in a multi-day cyclosportive requires a minimum level of training and that he/she is medically fit to participate. By accepting the registration conditions, each participant takes full and complete responsibility in case of an accident that could occur during the outgoing or return trip to and from the cyclosportive or during the cyclosportive itself. Each participant also takes responsibility for the risks linked to such an event, including but not limited to, accidents with other participants, bad weather, road traffic conditions.


Cyclosport, bike riding and bike racing is an inherently dangerous sport and self-evidently exposes each participant to a number of risks, in particular but not limited to personal injury or mechanical damage to bike equipment. In signing up to the event, each participant acknowledges and accepts the above proposition, and further accepts the following propositions, namely that:

·       Each participant shall be responsible for obtaining his or her own personal insurance.

·       Each participant absolutely and completely absolves the organization for all responsibility with regard to the loss or damage to any personal property regardless of the circumstances. The Organization, whilst having made every effort to (a) make the event as safe as possible for each and every participant, and (b) having addressed and or reduced and or eliminated or having attempted to eliminate as many of the risks as it is possible to have anticipated and or foreseen, is nevertheless not able to control, or anticipate, or foresee all events, and this is accepted by all participants.

·       It may be necessary to cancel the event, or a stage or alter the route, for example in cases of adverse weather conditions or force majeure.




Tour des Fjords Experience is open to all cyclists, racers and non-racers (aged 17 or older in the year of the event) from any country.


In accordance with “«Reglement for turritt landevei»”, the participation of Tour des Fjords Experience is subject to the presentation of an all year “competition license” issued by a UCI sanctioned National Federation. Riders who don’t hold an all-year license may ride under a one-day license issued by the Norwegian Cycling Federation and given by the organizer at the time of entry.




Registration for the event may only be done via the online registration platform at


Entry fees for individual registration can be found on the webpage for the event.


The entry fee includes many benefits for all riders:

·       T-shirt as a souvenir.

·       Leaders Jersey to the best Man & Woman.

·       Detailed information of the race and each of the 3 stages.

·       A marshaled course.

·       Presence of motorcycle escorts for the peloton.

·       Presence of safety vehicles to escort the peloton (including a broom wagon at the rear of the peloton).

·       A medical team present at all times, during the race and at the finish.

·       Refreshment stations with fresh food and energy supplements (solid, liquid, energy products) during each stage.

·       Daily rankings.

·       A meal after the last stage.

·       Professional photographers throughout the race.


What is not included in the initial entry fee:

·       Cost of transfers to start venue and from finish venue (sold separately).

·       Accommodation and breakfasts (sold separately).

·       Dinners.

·       Personal Accident insurance (highly recommended).

·       Property Damage insurance (highly recommended).

·       Personal Travel insurance (highly recommended).

·       And anything that is not outlined in “What is included with your registration”.




The purchase of a spot in Tour des Fjords Experience is final and personal. Meaning it will not be refunded and cannot be resold to anyone.




The race bib can be collected on the Thursday 18st of August 2022.


If conditions of participations (Article 3) are not met, the organizer will have full authority to refuse the participation of the individual.


Article 7: EQUIPMENT


To participate in Tour des Fjords Experience 2022, you will need to have a road-racing bike and a hard-shell helmet. The Norwegian cycling federation’s equipment rules will be enforced. On the individual time trial, the use of a time trial bike is allowed.



Tour des Fjords Experience is a multi-day cyclosportive with rankings. Both separated for men & women.




The route is not closed to vehicles and all riders must obey the rules of the road at all times. Certain intersections may be staffed by road marshals to provide a right of way, but riders must be vigilant at all times. On top of the race management cars (head and back of the peloton), marshals on motorbikes will surround the participants.


All riders must respect the traffic laws:

§  To cycle on the right-hand side of the road, at any and all times.

§  To respect the road signs put in place by the organization.

§  To respect the traffic lights or signs if they are not secured by a marshal.

§  To respect other road users who are not involved in the race.


Each rider has the duty to wear his bib clearly visible on his back and his bike plate on the front of the handlebars at all times. The bibs and bike plates must not be modified, defaced, cut or reduced in size. Penalties shall apply.


It is strictly forbidden to wear earphones during the race.




The medical service of Tour des Fjords Experience will be made up of Norsk folkehjelp / Red Cross or similar.


Article 11: ANTI-DOPING


Participants of Tour des Fjords Experience rigorously undertake to respect the prohibition of doping and the provisions concerning anti-doping controls, as they result from laws and regulations in force. Anti-doping controls can be carried out at any time without prior notice by licensed authorities.


Article 12: WITHDRAWAL


Withdrawal during a stage: if a participant is unable to complete a stage for any reason, the participant can use the broom wagon to get back to the finish. In that case the participant will be permitted to take part in the next stages but will no longer be ranked in the General Classification.


Failure to start a stage: if a participant fails to start a stage for medical reasons, because of a mechanical problem or any other personal reason, but wants to continue to ride in the event in the following stages, the participant will not be eligible for placement in the General Classification. An exception will be made for the time trial stage. If you do not start you will be given the time of the last ranked person on the stage, with 2 minutes added to the time.


Withdrawal from the race: in case of complete withdrawal, the participant will be responsible for leaving the race and returning home, along with his/her equipment and luggage.




The timekeeping of Tour des Fjords Experience will be carried out by an electronic timing system.


All participants will receive a transponder that must be mounted on their front right fork for the duration of the event. This transponder will be used to control timing at various points on the route and to provide daily and overall results for each participant.


A group start time will be given to the entire peloton based on the time of the first rider crossing the official start of timing.

Rankings will be based on the cumulative times between the beginning and finish of each of the timed sections.

Outside of the group start time for the first section, the time taken into account will be the one given precisely by the chip on your bike at the crossing of the finish line.


A participant who has not completed the entire course will not be given a ranking at the finish.


For safety reasons, the organizer may decide to non-time some sections of the course. These untimed sections must be entirely covered on your bike without external assistance (car, bus etc.) Riders who fail to respect these regulations are subject to time penalties and/or exclusion from the race detailed in Article 20.


The participant is responsible for handing in the transponder after the event. Failing to do so will result in a fee of 750 NOK.


Article 14: TIME LIMITS

Riders must ride every stage inside the stated cut-off time in order to obtain an official finisher ranking. Time limits / cut-off time will be presented on the home page of the race.


If a rider can’t make the cut-off time, he or she will be pulled from the race.




The participants of Tour des Fjords Experience must not be assisted or receive food and drink supplies outside of the refreshment stations put in place by the organization.

All cars following are not authorized to intervene between two refreshment stations in any way. See the list of penalties in Article 20.

Article 16: RANKINGS


Only individuals who complete all stages and who crossed every day the finish line prior to the cut-off time will be eligible for the final General Classification. With the exception of the time trial stage, as described in article 12.


All riders must cross the final finish line on every stage. In failing to do so riders will be excluded from the daily ranking and thus the general classification for the event.




For each stage of Tour des Experience organization reserves the right to change at any time the course and/or the position of the refreshments and/or the time limits. In case of bad weather and to ensure the safety of participants, the organization reserves the right to postpone the time of departure, to stop the current stage or to cancel it.






It is totally forbidden to litter during the race.
Riders shall keep their trash with them until the finish or use the disposal bins provided at feed stations.
Non-compliance with this rule can give the following penalties:
– Disqualification from the stage.
– Disqualification from the general classification.
– The rider will be allowed to continue the race but will not appear in the overall results.
– In case of a second recurrence, the rider will be excluded from the race


There is a zero-tolerance policy on this.




All riders, without exception, will be required to cross the official start line and official finish line of each stage (this could be different from where the timing starts/ finish). Non-compliance with this rule can lead to the following penalty:
– Time penalty of 15 minutes added to the stage results




It is totally forbidden for riders to receive food or drink during stages, outside of the dedicated feed stations managed by the organisers. The feed station locations are stated in the rout description. The race director can amend these clauses during a stage depending on the weather conditions or other exceptional circumstances.

The riders may use the products offered by the organisation or may use their own support team to provide them with specific products. For non-compliance with this rule, the following penalties can be incurred:
– Time penalty of 30 minutes added to the stage results.
– Time penalty of 30 minutes added to the overall results.
– In case of second recurrence, the rider will be excluded from the race.


Riders whose support vehicles fail to respect safety rules or instructions provided by the race management staff are subject to time penalties and/or exclusion from the race depending on the infringement.


Time penalty of 15 minutes added to the stage results for use of earphones


Article 19: INSURANCE


Damage to personal possessions: the organization declines all responsibility for loss or damage to any of a participant’s personal belongings. The organizer’s insurance contract does not cover loss or damages suffered by participants due to loss of or damage to personal possessions including the bicycle and related equipment. To protect against costs and damages related to theft or damage to a bike or related equipment, all participants are responsible for obtaining their own insurance.


The Organization cannot be held responsible for any possible accidents whether the rider is the cause or victim. Such accidents and the consequences of them must be covered by the insurance policy of the rider. The Organization will accept no responsibility for debts, costs that the rider incurs, the repair and damage costs to the bikes, or the loss of any other material owned by the rider. The participant absolves the Organization of all responsibility regarding the loss or damage to any personal property regardless of the circumstances.




By participating in Tour des Fjords Experience, each participant allows the organization to use, reproduce or have reproduced his name, image, voice and sports performance through the race for any direct use or as a derivative of the race and this, in any material, in the world, by any means known or unknown to date, and for the duration of protection currently granted for such use direct or derived by the law or regulations, judicial decisions and/or arbitration of any country and by current or future international agreements, including any extensions that may be made at this time.  




The participant agrees to receive newsletters and other communications from the organizer related to the event.




By entering Tour des Fjords Experience, each participant acknowledges having read and accepted these regulations explicitly and without reservation. In case of any disagreement in the interpretation of these regulations, the Norwegian version shall prevail.