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We give you the opportunity to choose which experience suits you the best.

The full experience, known as "Tour des Fjords Experience", is a new and exciting stage race over 3 days, with 3 different stages. You will get a taste of everything cycling has to offer with a time trial on the first day, an epic mountain stage in the fjords the second day and finally a tactical race on a well designed route the last day.

If you want to ride only a single day and take part in one of the most iconic cyclosportive of the year, choose Lysebotn-Bryne. It is the most well-known cyclosportive in Rogaland and it includes the famous Lysebotn climb (9km at 10%). If you don't feel ready to ride up Lysebotn yet, then Sirdal-Bryne is the perfect opportunity for you.

Both Lysebotn-Bryne and Sirdal-Bryne are included in Tour des Fjords Experience. You will get to choose which one of the two you want to do as part of the second stage.

Tour des Fjords Experience

The complete experience! It includes all cycling has to offer over 3 days. A time trial, a mountain stage and a tactical flat stage.

Key facts:

โœ“ 3 days of riding

โœ“ August 14-16th 2020

โœ“ Includes Lysebotn-Bryne

ย  ย  or Sirdal-Bryne (your choice)

โœ“ Up to 246km

โœ“ Up to +3082m elevation gain

โœ“ Leader jerseys


โœ“ Exclusive backpack

โœ“ Finisher t-shirt


One of Norway’s most iconic cyclosportive celebrates it’s 30th anniversary! An unforgettable day starting with a 27 hairpin climb.

Key facts:

โœ“ 30 years anniversary

โœ“ August 15th 2020

โœ“ 147km

โœ“ +2200m elevation gain

โœ“ Ferry to Lysebotn available

โœ“ Collaboration with Bryne CK


The day for the ones who appreciate downhill more than uphill! If you don’t feel ready for the Lysebotn climb, this is the ride for you.

Key facts:

โœ“ 10 years anniversary

โœ“ August 15th 2020

โœ“ 101km

โœ“ +1000m elevation gain

โœ“ -1462m elevation loss

โœ“ Bus to Sirdal available

โœ“ Collaboration with Bryne CK